Frequently asked questions
What if I have any technical problem trying to order from the website?

Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be glad to help. If you cannot complete your order online, you can just let us know what items you wish to buy and we can send you a Paypal invoice direct (no Paypal account is necessary).

Where are you based?

We are based in the UK and all the cushions listed on our website as being in stock are physically in our UK warehouse. Appointments can be made via email to view at our premises; C10 Inveralmond Grove, Perth PH1 3UG, Scotland, or call us on 07802 430932. Our website is a .co.uk website address because we are actually based in the United Kingdom - unlike some other websites you may come across, who are quite reluctant to reveal full contact details! You can rest assured that your purchase is in safe hands with us.

What about the quality of your cushions?

We carefully inspect all our cushions (in Thailand and in the UK) and the cushions are made to order specially for for us. We only order cushions which are double stitched for extra strength. We buy the best quality cushions rather than just the best price. There may be minor imperfections in the cushions but these are not faults, just part of the hand-crafted process.

Our cushions are also stuffed properly, so that they retain their shape and don't become thin and/or lumpy.
Some lower priced cushions are often understuffed and of lower quality.

How accurate are the size guidelines?

Sizing is approximate. The actual size of each cushion does not vary by much, but this is an entirely hand-made product using traditional craft skills, so sizes will vary slightly from cushion to cushion. Our 3-fold cushions are also about 20cm longer than the traditional Thai size – something we specify, as westerners are generally taller than Thais!

Where are the cushions from?

All of our cushions are hand-made in the north of Thailand. There is no central factory, but workers make the cushions at home from the materials which are centrally sourced and supplied to them.

And the fabrics?

These are sourced from local fabric markets. Consequently colours and designs will vary slightly from batch to batch. Some of the more modern designs are factory made therefore have more consistent colour. Most fabrics are 100% cotton, except where stated otherwise (typically for silk look cushions).

Can I see them before I buy?

Appointments can be made via email to view at our warehouse, Farang, at C10 Inveralmond Grove, Perth PH1 3UG, Scotland.You can of course just drop in anytime we're open without making an appointment but we recommend you call in advance. We are generally open 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and weekends by appointment.

Call thaicushion.co.uk on 07802 430932.

Here you can view probably the largest variety of Thai arts and crafts products available in the UK.

Can they be used outdoors?

Of course. In Thailand they get used outdoors frequently, but like any cushion, they’re not designed to get frequently soaked in the rain!

If I buy more than one, is the postage cost reduced?

Sorry, but because of their bulk, postage cannot be reduced in this way.

What is the Thai name for 3-fold cushions?

They are generally known as Mon Kwan, but this is really a generic term for different kinds of Thai cushion. There is really no specific word in the Thai language just for these. This is probably because many years ago, Thai people would lie on a mattress, on top of which was placed a separate triangular cushion. So, although they use the combined 3-fold cushion now, the language has not really adapted to cover it.

What are they stuffed with?

Mainly kapok, which is an entirely natural product from Thailand – a bit like cotton wool. It is light, buoyant, has excellent insulation properties and good water resistance. Some of the triangle cushions also use bundles of rice straw to form the ‘cylinders’ which make up the triangle, whilst others use only kapok.

When I was in holiday in Thailand I bought an ‘unstuffed’ 3-fold cushion, which I thought I would get stuffed when I got back home. This has proved difficult. Can you provide this service?


But I can’t find anybody who can do this, do you know anybody else at all who can do it?


Why don't you sell unstuffed 3-fold cushions too?

We could sell them and make an easy profit, but we don't sell them for the following reasons:
1. Stuffing these cushions is a specialist skill and is not remotely straightforward. You are very likely to end up with a lumpy, lop-sided cushion where the rolls do not retain their shape - these require special stitching in the right places too. Expert skills are required.
2. The kapok filling is very expensive to buy and if you purchase the quantity of kapok required it works out more expensive than buying a ready-to-use finished version anyway!

Anything else you sell?

We sell a huge range of South East Asian arts and crafts products at farang and we also have a dedicated antiques and fine art website dedicated to Asian art, called Lanna Antique, so please pay lannaantique.com a visit if you are interested in South East Asian antiques. The wesbite also stocks a large selection of rare books on Asian art, particularly Chinese art books.

Thanks for visiting. All our Thai cushions are now being sold on our farangshop.co.uk website.

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